Real Estate Agents

What is a real estate agent, and what do they do?

real estate agent

We have all seen them in their suits and badges putting up ‘For Sale’ placards in front of vacant homes and lots.

But, how many of us actually spare them a thought and think about who these people are, who call themselves ‘Real Estate Agents’? 

Heck! Most of us didn’t even know what they did before we went into purchasing a house of our own.

So, for those curious about these professionals, we have brought an article on what a real estate agent is and what they do.

So what is a Real Estate Agent?

In plain definition, a Real Estate Agent is someone who helps people to either buy or sell a piece of property which may vary in both ranges and locations. 

A real estate agent, can either be registered as a listing one; someone who particularly focuses on selling a home. The other can be a buyer’s agent; who primarily deals with helping the client to buy a home.

Now, real estate has been an age-old business, and agents are employed all over the world with the sole purpose of dealing with property.

So what does a Real Estate Agent do?

Act as the sole proprietor

Although these professionals work under the guidance of a broker, they usually play as the sole proprietor who runs their own small business. 

Under this role, they perform certain administrative tasks like making copies, filing documents as well as keeping up with the various expenses and receipts for various tax purposes.

There are particular day to day tasks as well which they do, that concern making phone calls and emails.

Acting as the marketer

Real estate agents sell the properties that they take over by marketing themselves. 

Most of their day to day chores revolve around marketing activities in particular, which in turn entails scheduling an open house, taking listing photos, writing a listing description, as well as posting the property to the MLS.

They are also the lead generator

Now, real estate agents, to be successful at their jobs, need to fill up on their roster with up and coming buyers and sellers.

They must always try and stay ahead of their competition and conduct a lot of lead generation tasks.

From maintaining an online presence to managing lead responses and follow-up to maintaining a CRM system, they do a lot more than just sell a house to a buyer.

Playing the role of a ‘knowledgeable agent’

To stay up to date with the ever-changing real estate market is one of their most difficult tasks. 

And this is precisely why these agents need to continue their classes and training periodically and do thorough research and have a complete grasp on all current market trends and available property.

Final Thoughts

Being a real estate agent isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and their roles and importance in society are often overlooked by many. But we hope that our article today was able to shed some light on them and what they do.

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